Friday, June 6, 2008

Run to Stand Still

8 x 8 / oil on panel
[click image for larger]


Anonymous said...

Ha! I've been there! I like this one a lot.

MailArtObsession said...

I'm with John. This one is excellent. Where is it headed?

Mike Whit said...

This feels like most of my dreams, but I'm usually not wearing a track suit.

Anonymous said...

From Dana's media class:

Jack set his pencil on the piece of paper and froze, again. "Ahg!" he said aloud. The walls of his room echoed the word back to him. "Why can't I start writing?" he thought. Jack closed his eyes and forced his hand to move the pencil. Five minutes later, he opened his eyes and read the words aloud, "Pig, creeped, shoes, Los Angele-Gah!" "It's never been this bad," he thought, "writer's block sucks." His inner writer, bound by Jack's procrastination, couldn't manage to construct a coherent sentence. The proverbial concrete had set. All he could do was run to stand still.