Sunday, March 2, 2008


12 x 16 / oil on panel
[click image for larger]


MKC said...

This one is really interesting. It immediately suggests a fairy tale, because of the man and wolf (fox?). And the curtain gives it a staged, "Once upon a time" opening feel. But then there's that little hand there, holding back the curtain, as though there's someone else, unseen, who is party of the story. And I like the colors.

Anonymous said...

My take on this is that it's a glimpse into a campaign fundraiser. Making a deal with the devil... or the wolf.

Casey Robbins said...

I love this painting! It leaves so much to the imagination. There's an unsettling tension between the two subjects of the piece. I think my favorite part is the muted colors. It's surprising how bright the composition is in light of the pale color scheme.